Thursday, December 18, 2014

Felt Christmas Trees - A Tutorial

I love Christmas crafts. They're so fun and they make decorating for Christmas even more fun because its something you made. My sitter had mentioned she wanted to get some cones and decorate them as Christmas trees. I just happened to find some at the craft store and so I kind of stole her idea. Oops!

Here's the stuff you need: some cones, some felt, some pins. Not pictured is the largest cone, I had already started covering it and then was like "oops, I wanted to blog this!" Also, there is some tacky glue pictured which you can use to glue some felt to the bottom of the cone so that the cone doesn't break up and get foam everywhere.

So, what do you do? Cut a thousand felt circles. Okay, not a thousand but for all three cones I need 397 green circles. Yikes! It took 36 sheets of felt to get all the circles I needed, not including the gold felt (I only needed about 1.5 sheets of that).

After you cut out a bunch of circles, fold them into half and then half again so you make a little flower looking thing. All you do then is pin the tip of the flower to the cone and make sure no white is showing.

On the first one, I put a bottom solid ring around the bottom but it turns out that wasn't needed so you can skip part and save the felt for your circles. Trust me, you need A LOT of them.

Here's the tree halfway, you can do any pattern you want but just make sure you cover all the cone.

Once you get to the top, your tree should look like mine above, switch to gold and pin 4 circles around the top. Then, I pinned 2 more flowers and fluffed them up so it looked like a puffy flower/star.

See? Super cute.

I spent 2 days making these three because cutting circles made my hand a little tired but once the circles are on, it goes really quickly. I think I did the big tree in about 30 minutes. Hubs wants to add some beads or tinsel to them but I think they look great on their own. And if you don't want a green tree, get creative and do whatever color you want!

What's your favorite Christmas?

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Kids Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Hey, Christmas is next week! OMG. When did that happen? I'm not entirely sure but before the holiday hits, here's a fun craft to do with your kiddos. We are trying to start holiday traditions and one thing that I wanted to do was have the kids make an ornament every year. This year we made two but the theme is the same. And they're super easy so head on out to the craft store and make some this weekend - because next weekend will be too late!

Here's what you need:
- clear plastic ornaments
- pom poms
- beads
- ribbon or hooks to hang
- super glue

I got everything at the craft store on the island here and it cost about $10 for everything. I got 2 packs of pom poms but only 1 is pictured. Each kid got a bowl of pom poms and then a bowl of beads (I only got 1 bag of beads and halved them).

The kids liked the pom poms the best I think. All they have to do is fill the ornaments with whatever combination of pom poms and beads that they want. Blueberry added some beads to her pom pom ball but mostly, they stuck to one item per ornament.

The beads proved a little tricky because they tried to put more beads in at a time that would fit but they also enjoyed chasing them around the dining room so it was a winner!

After the kids stuffed their ornaments, it was time for Mommy to take over. I put super glue along the outside of the opening before putting the ornament lid back on to ensure that they would stay closed. I was a little worried the beads would weigh the ornament down and I would wake up at 2 in the morning to a hundred beads falling off the tree. Maybe I'm paranoid but the extra step can't hurt. Then I strung some string through the loop and now they live on our tree. I still need to get a paint pen and put the year on them so we don't forget when what was made but other than that, we've got 4 new ornaments and they're some of the most beautiful ones on our tree.

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Seoul Loves Babies

While in Seoul, I noticed a lot of differences between us and them. We took a lot of public transportation - the subway system mostly - which is underground. Blueberry was in the stroller most of the time and the trains were underground. Finding an elevator was hard, nearly impossible in some of the stations so we carried her and the stroller. That is probably the only non-kid friendly part.

Once you get underground, every so often you would see these signs for "nursing rooms." I never went in one in the subways but at the airport, we went into one. It was amazing. First of all, the airport bathrooms are like most airport bathrooms, small, cramped, dirty. The nursing room, complete opposite.

When you first walk in, there's a row of 3 changing tables, a huge couch, a counter with free hot and cold water, a microwave, a bottle warmer, and child-sized furniture. I would have taken a picture of it all but there were people in there already and I didn't want to look like a weirdo.

Piglet ran into the nursing area, so I took pictures of that. Inside was a comfy chair, another change table, a sink, and a breast friend! How great. Imagine if public places in America had this? If someone told me to go nurse here, I wouldn't be so pissed. I mean, the chair was soft, it was quiet, and private.

My mom was telling me how kid-friendly things are there, there's a Children's day, parent's routinely go home for lunch just to hang out with their little ones, it's so cute. Sometimes I wonder if America was more kid-friendly, things would be better. Instead of airlines making parents feel like shit by having "child free flights," maybe help to make things less scary and more comfortable for the kids instead? America does a lot of things great, but instead of making kids feel like members of our society, we treat them like things that should hush up and be ignored. Maybe Seoul can teach us some tips on how to act like our little people are actually, you know, people.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

You Confuse Me

Things people seem to do that I don't. There's a lot but lately, there seems to be a lot of stuff on the Internet that I never have done. And if you do these things, I'm not judging you or hating on you for doing it. They're just things I would never/have never done. When things start trending and I've never done them, I always wonder "is it me?"

So, here we go....

1. Freezing meals for the arrival of a new baby. Never did it with my first two, never saw the reason to, not sure why people do it. That's not true, I see how it can help but I don't even do freezer meals in my normal life, so why start postpartum?

2. Packing my crap before the packers arrive. I see it on Pinterest all the time, "how to prepare for a move" posts. Do you know I do? I buy a pack of water for the packers. Because that's what they're getting paid for. I'm not packing a damn thing before they arrive because if it's broken on the other end, the company will just be like "she packed it, not me" and then no money from the Army for us. 

3. Paying for professional pictures every month of the first year of your baby's life. I could not dream of affording that. Also, what do you do with all the pictures? Can't you just take your own?

4. Breastfeeding selfies. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it; breastfeeding is natural and best for baby but really? Who are those pictures for? Sometimes baby does look all cute and snugly but I've never once had the  urge to photograph it and if I did, I wouldn't post it on the Internet. There's a lot of weird ass people who are probably jerking off to all those #normalizebreastfeeding pictures. Sorry, not sorry.

5. Potty training pics. Whoo! You're little one has freed you from the bondage of diapers! Let's celebrate by taking a picture of them naked from the waist down standing next to a potty with visable pee or poo in it. How about a picture of them fully clothes flushing or something? We can congratulate your kiddos achievement without seeing them naked or their freshly squeezed BM.

And finally....

6. Crossfit ladies. The ones who wear underwear as shorts and knee-high socks. I don't get it. First of all, why are your shorts so freaking short? I know they're too small and too tight for underwear so what gives? You're literally getting vag sweat all over the gym. It's gross. And what's with the socks? I know runners use them as compression when running long distance but what's the point in the gym? I also thing crossfit is a crock of shit. The whole "as many reps as possible in a minute" thing bothers me because people stop working on proper form and end up throwing weights everywhere and looking a damn mess. 

So, there's that. Sorry if I offended anyone, I truly didn't mean to! What are some things you see online or in real life that make you go "huh???"

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bluum Box Review

Last month, I signed up for Bluum Box. It's a monthly box filled with things for your pregnancy and newborn. Once your pregnancy is done, you just get baby stuff for the baby. It seemed like a cool idea so I decided to try it.

There have been some problems with it to say the least. First up, I ordered it on November 5th. It didn't ship until November 19th and it didn't arrive until December 9th even though it was the "November box." I also was charged promptly on the 1st for December's box without even receiving a box yet! The box arrived in Hawaii and then sat for over a week in Honolulu. Not sure who's fault that is but I'm not sure I can blame Bluum completely. 

The second issue I have is with the website, there is no way to edit your child/pregnancy without emailing the company. They responded quickly to the child update so it wasn't too big of a deal but it would be easier if the website let me change my child's name/gender. 

And now for the box itself. I would be lying if I said I was happy. Here's what I got: a pregnancy puzzle book, vanilla bean lotion for me, coco butter lotion for baby, a set of pink gloves, and 2 sets of blue gloves in the pouch. 

The pregnancy book: useless. There's puzzles for every week of pregnancy to "keep that mom brain in check." There's also fun facts and helpful tips for each week.  This is my 18 week box and so nearly half the book doesn't apply anymore. I wouldn't use a puzzle book anyway. The look of the graphics is all vintage looking and probably because no one does damn puzzle books anymore. 

The mommy lotion smells like a cupcake. Straight up cupcake city. Pregnant women already have sensitive noses so let's make them smell like dessert? Thanks, no.

The baby lotion smells like coco butter but the package doesn't tell you that. Maybe it's just me, but I hate that smell so I probably won't be using this lotion either. 

Baby mittens: 3 pairs. That's right, I got 2 different brands, 3 pairs total of newborn gloves. I think I've used them the first 2 weeks of each child's life. I told Hubs that at least we could mark this item off our baby checklist. 

Prior to receiving this box, I emailed them to tell them how unhappy I was. Being charged twice without receiving anything is pretty annoying and while they were prompt with the first response to edit a child, they have not responded to my second email. That doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy. 

Obviously I've been charged for the December box (and it shipped already) so I'm giving them one for  chance but honestly, it is going to take a lot to make me change my mind about canceling. 

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